• LED lighting: Inhouse development & production

    EVA Optic is Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting for unique applications. EVA Optic develops both standard products and customized solutions.
  • LED Lighting for various applications

    EVA Optic has become internationally known for our LED underwater light of excellent quality. We now have a complete range of lighting for pools, but also for sports halls, car parks, railway stations, schools, public buildings, etc.
  • DEKRA certified LED underwater lights

    EVA Optic LED underwater light conquered the international market from 2008, quickly becoming one of the most sought after underwater lighting brands in the market, both for public and private swimming pools. The quality, light output and design of our products made an impression. Our LED underwater lights have an official DEKRA certificate for safety and watertightness according to the IEC standard IEC BS EN 60598-2-18, for underwater lighting.
  • Complete range of LED lighting for swimming pools and indoor sports facilities

    In addition to the LED underwater lights, we have greatly expanded our product range in recent years. EVA Optic has a complete range to fully equip swimming accommodations with only LED lighting. From basic lighting (according to standard EN 12193) and ambient lighting to underwater lighting. We provide an accommodation from A to Z of high quality, durable LED lighting according to the appropriate standards regarding electronics, light output and suspension systems.
  • Products developed for demanding environments

    We take into account the stringent requirements regarding heat, humidity and chlorine fumes. The quality of EVA Optic lighting is excellent because we do not compromise on the quality of both product components as the final product.
  • Quality through Inhouse development and production of LED lighting products

    All products are developed, tested and produced in-house in the Netherlands. The quality is very high, nothing is left to chance. It's all about quality. Our products are used for a variety of applications including car parks, train stations, public buildings (inside and outside), apartment complexes, diving pools, schools, hospitals, showrooms, factories, etc.
  • Custom made LED solutions

    In addition to our standard range, we develop, commissioned by different market players, customized solutions for example, street lighting, bus shelters lighting fish repellant systems in time sluices etc. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.